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‚ÄúDear Mike, I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate the work that you and your crew did on my driveway. As you know my old driveway was originally laid down back in 1974 the asphalt was not only badly deteriorated, but over the years, the pavement had begun to pitch toward my garage door opening instead of away from it. That meant that each time it rained, water would roll into my garage and pool there. During the heavy storms, this created quote a mess. And in the winter often times the water would freeze. I could not wait to have the problem corrected with a new properly designed driveway. Before I hired Blacktop Ohio I had gotten several estimates from other paving companies. Not only did you provide me with the competitive bid, you were the first one to arrive at my home to meet with me and examine my situation. And what most impressed me is I live in Pickerington Ohio, you had to travel further than any other paving company in order to give me an estimate. Once we agreed to let you do this job you were conscientious in following up with any questions I had. Your crew was there on time and did a great job in making sure that I was completely satisfied. Your paving team spent extra time on my driveway, they were professional and courteous. After my driveway was completed I proudly displayed your sign in my yard and I noticed quite a few folks in my neighborhood slowing down to check out the work on my driveway. Several of my neighbors in my subdivision must have apparently been impressed with the work because I saw your crew return and complete at least 10 driveways before the end of the season. Now when it rains , the water runs down my driveway the way it is supposed to, instead of back into my garage. I look forward to having you come back shortly to apply the first application of asphalt sealant on my driveway. Thanks again Mike. ~ Frank Covucci, 

Note: this letter was an e-mail and a copy is on hand with Mike to be shown if the customer wants to view it. 

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