We ONLY use Commercial Grade Coal Tar Asphalt Sealer,  and Hot Pour Rubberized Crack Filler. 

Our Coaltar sealer is never out of a bucket it's concentrated commercial grade, Our Rubberized crack filler is big blocks of rubber that requires  a propane direct fire or hot oil-jacketed melter. The block of crack filler is heated until it turns to liquid in order to penetrate deep down into the larger cracks. Silica sand is used in the mix according to the condition of the asphalt surface and in some case's of extreme cracking a pre-treated sealer and sand spot brushed procedure might be needed before the actual seal coat application. Maintenance cost's way less than a repair !.

Cleaning & Prep Work

All asphalt area(s) being seal coated are cleaned down with high powered air blower's removing all dirt & debris. After asphalt surface has been cleaned we will fill larger cracks with a hot pour true guard rubberized crack filler depending on the depth some cracks may need to be gone over more than once. For badly cracked section in asphalt we do not recommend the hot pour crack filler instead we may pre-seal those areas with a heavy coat of sealer and sand brushed into the crack's and allowed to dry before application of coal tar sealer.

Our Seal Coating Process

Asphalt Seal Coating & Hot Rubberized Crack Filling.

Seal Coat Application

A "Thick" heavy coat of concentrated commercial grade coal tar sealer is applied to entire surface being seal coated. The sealer goes down brown but dries to a beautiful rich black color. Depending on the job sand may or may not be added to the sealer, Sealer may be brushed on or sprayed and more than 1 coat of sealer might be applied all this will be in a detailed written contract.

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